The CEO of Hype Hair Magazine, Lia Dias and Brand Manager, Terrell Everett attend The Launch of Fenty Hair by Rihanna in Los Angeles

Written By Trish B.

Shine Bright Like a Diamond!

The grand unveiling of Fenty Hair was an extraordinary affair, surpassing all expectations for FENTY HAIR. Lia Jones, the CEO of Hype Hair Magazine and the Brand Manager, Terrell Everett received a special VIP invitation to the launch of Fenty hair and it was breathtaking! The venue served delectable signature cocktails, an endless flow of ace of spades, and a wide array of Fenty hair care products. There’s no doubt guests entered the realm of Fenty hair, and were immediately captivated by its allure. The air was filled with an undeniable aura of sophistication, excitement and elegance, as if you were stepping into a world where beauty reigns supreme.

Photo Credit: Fenty Hair

The product range caters to all hair types, ensuring the highest quality and the branding is immaculate. The marketing was not shy of diversity which included men, women, all races, sizes. It was a visual representation of the brand’s commitment to inclusivity and empowerment. Rihanna shared her passion for the brand with the crowd, expressing her vision for its future. Dressed in rubies, diamonds, and her signature sparkle, Rihanna encouraged everyone to “make some money and grow edges.” Models flaunted Fenty braids, creating a strong connection between consumers and the Fenty hair brand.

IMG 1216
Photo Credit: Fenty Hair

In the words of Rihanna herself, “Let’s embark on this journey together, creating not only beauty but also prosperity”. Let us cultivate our edges and flourish.” With these words, she inspired a collective determination to not only embrace the beauty of Fenty hair but also to seize the opportunities it presents for consumers.


The exclusive preview of the Fenty Hair Collection kicked off last evening during the debut in Los Angeles, California and online for those who signed up for early access. The highly anticipated Fenty Hair Collection is set to hit the shelves tomorrow on 6/13, and on the brand’s official website.

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