The Loewe Small Gate Bag

A few followers asked for a deeper dive into the bag I purchased recently, so this blog post will do just that. I recognize this is a luxury purchase, and this post exists to share a closer look at the bag should you be interested, but isn’t intended to make you feel any negative feelings about having or not having a designer bag.

This is the first time I’ve spent this much money on a bag. I’ve been kicking the idea around in my head for a few years. I looked closely into Celine bags, but they felt too fancy/dressed up for something I wanted to carry in my daily life. I also considered a bag from Bottega Venetta but I couldn’t get past the fact that they weren’t lined. I held the Small Loop Camera Bag from that brand in my hands at a store in Manhattan but I couldn’t go through with it. It just didn’t feel like the right bag for me!

So, my eye kept going to the Loewe (pronounced “loo-way-vay”) small gate. I saw a woman carrying the mini gate on her shoulder in Charleston, SC earlier this year and I confirmed that it was the look I wanted. I loved that it felt casual with the crossbody strap, but still polished and clean in the bag part.

We went to 3 different Loewe locations in Paris last week and I finally found the Small Gate in the color I wanted. Jordan and Amanda would attest to the fact that I was truly overcome with excitement and nerves and all of the feelings (which felt especially dramatic after a red-eye flight and a full day of walking around Paris), but I ultimately made the decision to go through with it.

It feels incredible to have made a special purchase on a very special trip, and I love the memory that will always be tied to it!

So, on to the closer look!

I love that the small gate does not have the magnetic closer that the mini gate has. I need to be able to quickly get into and out of my bag, and sliding the flap under the knotted leather strap couldn’t be smoother!

I can also easily fit my phone and a pair of sunglasses inside!

I had to do the cat charm!

The bag itself feels sturdy and well-structured. I’m so happy with this purchase and think it fits seamlessly into my style!

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