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We all dream of having hair that is thick, long, shiny, & frizz-free but it becomes very difficult to achieve all these hair goals due to dirt, pollution, our busy lifestyle, etc. We’re all caught in the loop of such a hectic life schedule that we forget to take care of our tresses and end up having hair which is damaged, frizzy, & more prone to hair fall. The biggest hair concern most of us go through is frizzy hair and getting rid of them feels like a never ending struggle. All of this demands a healthier hair care routine!


Hair-frizz creates a barrier in a lot of things such as you can never leave your hair open as they will look messy, we cannot experiment and do much styling as it becomes difficult to create hairstyles in frizzy hair. The worst part about having frizzy hair is that they result in lack of smoothness, making hair feel rough and unmanageable all day and night. Also, humidity makes the situation worse, making the hair look even more unruly. As a conclusion, having frizzy hair is a daily struggle and impacts one’s confidence. That’s why it becomes important to invest in the right hair care routine products to ensure frizz-free and healthy hair. In this detailed guide, we will explore the root causes of hair frizz and learn about the right products for an healthier hair care routine to treat them.

What Causes Hair Frizz & How to Control It?

Before diving deeper into the solutions, let’s understand what factors are responsible for causing hair frizz in the first place and then learn about several products to add in your hair care routine as the ultimate solutions. Hair Frizz occurs when the cuticle, or outer layer of your hair, becomes raised and allows moisture to pass through. This causes the hair strands to swell, giving the dreaded frizzy appearance. Several factors which contribute to hair frizz includes:

1. High Humidity Levels:

High humidity can level up the hair frizz and make your hair’s condition even worse if it is naturally prone to frizz. Air being humid makes hair swell resulting in hair frizz and making it difficult for us to manage or style them. To fight against frizzy hair caused by high humidity levels, it becomes necessary and essential to keep the hair and scalp well nourished with a suitable hair care routine base products such as hair mask, to maintain sleekness and healthy hair even in the most humid weather conditions.

Solution: HAIR MASK

Using a hair mask is as important as using a shampoo, oil, or conditioner. If you include a hair mask in your hair care routine, you actually level up your hair’s health and overall appearance. TNW Hair Mask is infused with ingredients like Bhrigraj, Amla, Shikakai that are popularly known for making hair thick, shinier, & stronger also making it an ideal hair mask for frizzy hair. When your hair becomes healthy and strong, the frizz starts reducing on its own. This hair mask helps in smoothing dull, damaged hair that is highly prone to getting frizzy, making it a must-have in your healthier hair care routine!

2. Frequently Using Heated Hair Styling Tools:

 In today’s times all of us want our hair to be on fleek, so to ensure this most of you must be preferring heat styling tools to straighten, curl, or sometimes blow dry your hair, etc. No doubt that hair actually looks great after heat styling, but the fact that heated styling tools are highly responsible for damaging, breaking, & making hair frizzy. Frequent use of heated styling tools and other chemical based treatments including rebonding, smoothing, etc makes hair extremely dull and frizzy when the treatment starts to vanish away after some time, that demands you to seek suitable solutions to include in your hair care routine.


TNW Black Seed Hair Serum is indeed the best hair serum to be added in a healthier hair care routine for frizzy hair, specially formulated to provide softness, smoothness to damaged & frizzy hair. This serum is infused with the goodness of fenugreek seed and black seed which are beneficial in repairing damaged and brittle hair and also helps in reducing frizz. As we know, Heat styling hair is very harmful and causes hair breakage and frizz. This hair serum works wonders in protecting your hair from heat to a high extent. When your hair will get protection from heat, you will notice your hair health will gradually start improving resulting in reduced to no frizz at all. No wonder, why this serum is so demanded for a healthier hair care routine.

3. Using Harsh & Chemical Based Everyday Hair Care Products:

Using hair care products including shampoos, conditioners, serums, etc. that contain alcohol, harsh chemicals, etc. can take away the presence of natural oils from the hair, making it feel extremely dry and frizzy and ruining your hair care routine. While purchasing a shampoo, most of us don’t pay attention to the ingredients it contains. Sometimes the shampoos or conditioners contain a lot of harsh chemicals that end up making our hair damaged and frizzy. That’s why it is important to invest in shampoos & conditioners that are specially formulated to treat frizzy hair and are free from harmful chemicals.


Using traditional shampoos can make your hair’s appearance & texture worse if you are already struggling with hair frizz. That’s why it becomes important to use a shampoo in your hair care routine which is specially formulated using the right ingredients to treat and reduce hair frizz. TNW Banana Shampoo, is a right mixture of ingredients that are popularly known for their hair moisturizing properties including Banana, argan oil, & shea butter. This shampoo is the ultimate solution for the people who are trying hard to get rid of hair frizz, as it helps reduce the hair frizz by deeply moisturizing and nourishing your hair strands. 

Banana Hair Conditioner

Experience beautiful tresses that are free from dryness & hair frizz, by welcoming TNW Banana Hair Conditioner in your hair care routine. This hair conditioner is infused with ingredients that are popularly known for their high nourishing properties including banana and goodness of cinnamon and vanilla. This conditioner deeply moisturizes your damaged or dry hair strands leaving it feeling irresistibly soft, smooth, silky, & manageable. Pamper your hair with this banana bliss & enjoy hair that feels silky soft and manageable.

4. Lack Of Moisture Causes Frizz

Lack of moisture can be a major cause of hair frizz. ‘Cuticle’ , which is basically the outer layer of hair, consists of overlapping scales. When the hair lacks moisture and looks dry and dehydrated, these scales lift, resulting in roughness and uneven surface in the hair strands that causes hair frizz. That’s why it is important to include proper hydrating and moisturizing solutions for a healthier hair care routine, by doing an oil massage at least twice a week. 


Giving a weekly oil massage to hair & scalp is very essential to keep hair frizz away. Oils act as a natural moisturizing agent and helps in preventing moisture loss that is the cause of hair frizz. Coconut is widely known for its hydrating & moisturizing properties, so by adding this virgin coconut oil in your hair care routine will help in deeply nourishing and hydrating your strands and will help you in keeping hair frizz at a bay!


Q1. Are TNW hair care products suitable for all hair types?
Yes, TNW haircare products are suitable for all hair types.

Q2. How do I incorporate these products into my hair care routine?
These products are perfect for everyday use as they are natural and toxin free, and you can easily incorporate them into your hair care routine, as they are very easy to use and the anti-frizz range contains some very basic and essential everyday hair care products including shampoo, conditioner, hair oil, hair mask, etc.

Q3. Will these products help in humid weather conditions?
Yes, these products are specially formulated to treat hair frizz which is caused due to humid weather conditions or any other reason.

Q4. Which product can I use as heat protectant before styling?
Black Seed Hair Serum, can be used as a heat protectant before styling.

Q5. How frequently should the TNW Hair Mask be used?
Hair Mask is advised to be used only once or twice a week.

Q6. How can I prevent frizz in my hair?
Hair Frizz can be prevented easily, all you need to do is stick to the anti frizz hair care routine using our products. 

Q7. What makes your anti-frizz products stand out from others in the market?
Our anti-frizz products are created using a unique blend of natural ingredients, that helps in providing long-lasting smoothness & shine to the hair for a healthy hair routine.

Q8. What is a healthy hair routine?
A healthy hair routine consists of all the natural ingredients based shampoo, oil, and conditioners for a gentle care.

Q9. What are hair care tips for frizz free hair?
Hair care tips for frizz free hair may include getting your hair nourished and a proper hair scalp care. Avoid heat styling and tight hair styles.

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