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When it comes to curls, waves, and volume, hair rollers can take the heat off your regular hair care tools.

Hair rollers come in a variety of sizes and materials that can help create tight spirals, to beachy waves and red-carpet voluminous curls, all without having to use your curling wand or blow dryer. No matter your hair length or hair type there is a hair roller for the style you’re trying to create.

Don’t dismiss hair rollers as an old school method, #hairrollers has more than 26 million views on Tik Tok so Gen Z, Millennial, or even boomers (the generation that popularized hair rollers) are all into this styling method and it’s obvious why.

They’re easy to use, there’s so many to choose from, they use no to very little heat, and some types of hair rollers are even safe to wear overnight so you can wake up, take the rollers out, and be ready to go.

As we are always looking to help you look and feel your best, especially with your hair, we’ve created a little Hair Rollers 101, the ultimate guide to hair rollers for any hair type with the 5 most popular and versatile types of hair rollers out there and how to use them.

Luxy hair velcro rollers

Types of hair rollers

Foam rollers

Great for all hair types, this type of hair roller is best used to help create volume or loose waves. Foam rollers can be applied to dry hair and kept on overnight. To help prevent pulling, avoid securing the roller too close to your hair line and keep it loose. In the morning, remove the rollers and gently brush through your hair, or simply use your fingers to comb through.

Steam rollers

Using a lower heat setting than curling wands, steam rollers can help create a variety of curl patterns depending on how you apply them. For more of a curl, apply at the end of your hair and roll towards your scalp. To get more of a wave, apply the steam roller a few inches away from your roots and wrap your hair around the roller which helps to create volume. No matter how you apply this type of hair roller, leave it in for about 20 minutes or until the rollers cool. Remove rollers and enjoy and bouncy, full hair look.

Velcro rollers

Another versatile hair roller that spans all ages, we might just love the Velcro hair roller the best. The Velcro hair roller can easily create loose curls or tight ringlets, depending on the size of the Velcro roller and how you use it.

Velcro hair rollers are great for natural hair and hair extensions because it is a heatless hair care tool, making it safe for natural hair and hair extensions.

luxy hair velcro rollers



How to use velcro hair rollers

To get the most out of your velcro hair roller, section off your hair to match the same size as the velcro roller. Brush out the section and give it a light spritz of hairspray. While holding your hair securely straight, roll the ends of your hair around the roller to grip the Velcro and get it to stick. Keep the hair rollers in for 20 minutes and take a selfie while you’re at it – there’s something so retro and chic about a head full of Velcro hair rollers!

how to use velcro rollers


At Luxy Hair, we love styling tools that are safe for natural hair and hair extensions, especially ones that deliver style results, so we created our own Volumizing Velcro Roller Set. Luxy’s Velcro Roller Set comes with 18 self-gripping Velcro hair rollers in 3 different sizes; small, medium, and large so no matter what your hair type, or hair length you can achieve curls as tight, loose, or voluminous as you want. Our hair roller set also comes with 9 tortoise print creaseless clips to help secure the rollers where you need it. The creaseless clips can be used for all your styling needs and can even be worn on their own because we love a good hair accessory moment.

The Velcro rollers and clips come in a vegan leather pouch so you can take your rollers with you wherever you need them – hello vacation packing without awkward cords and styling tools.

The small Luxy Velcro rollers are great for shorter hair or thin hair. They are also great for creating tighter curls or ringlets. Our medium Velcro rollers are great for any length of hair and can help create curls or waves depending on how you apply them. For those with long or thick hair, the large Velcro rollers will make styling a breeze. Use the tortoise print creaseless clips to help secure thicker hair to the rollers.


Check out this hair tutorial video below on how to do a blowout at home with velcro rollers! 


Similar to Velcro hair rollers, flexirods are made to be used without the assistance of any other tool. Simply twirl or wrap your hair around the cushioned, flexible rod which easily bends the way you want it too. This type of hair roller is best to achieve ringlets or tight curls. For girls with tight curly or kinky hair, flexirods can also be applied to stretch or widen the curl.

For best results, experts recommend applying flexirods to damp hair and a bit of styling product. Depending on how much time you have, you can let your hair air dry or use a blowdryer on a low heat setting to dry the hair. When ready, remove the rods and use your fingers to part the curls.

Jumbo rollers

Usually heated, jumbo rollers are great for thick and long hair. These rollers help to achieve voluminous waves for that red carpet, vampy look. With the jumbo rollers, you can create seamless curls or waves that flow fluidly in the same direction (think opposite of the beachy wave). By applying the rollers in the same direction, you will get an all-over type of volume and movement for a sleek style.

velcro rollers hair blowout

While we may not say adieu to our curling irons forever, most hair rollers are an effective and no-heat alternative to get many of the same hairstyles. If you haven’t tried styling with hair rollers yet, what’s stopping you? If you have, let us know which ones you use and how it works for you. Like fashion, what’s old becomes new again in hair styling, with so many sizes and options, hair rollers have definitely upgraded and offer versatile style pay-off.

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Writer: Rosalyn Solomon

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