The Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale Starts But the Real Tea is This New Cotton Candy Scent

The Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale started, and I didn’t have time to head to a store this week as life has been crazy busy. But I did have a second to browse the website, and sadly, I forgot entirely about the sale when I saw there are not one but three new Summer 2024 Pink Fragrance Mists, and one of them is Cotton Candy! STHU and take all my money. So, lately, Pink has been knocking it out of the park with its fragrance releases! Remember the Warm Vanilla Body Mist and Sugar Sky? There have been quite a few others as well! Their scents have been really fun lately.

The newest Summer 2024 scents are Cotton Candy, Peach Swirl, and Rocket Pop. Yes, I know, I was thinking Rocket Pop would be a Bath and Body Works Firecracker Pop but I’ve learned Victoria’s Secret does do their own, unique blends and aren’t over there duping BBW stuff. All three of these scents are right in my wheelhouse but Cotton Candy sounds like the one I’ll love the most.

Pink Cotton Candy Body Mist notes:

  • Strawberry Sugar
  • Fluffy Vanilla
  • Boardwalk Air

Rocket Pop Candy Body Mist notes:

  • Cherry Ice
  • Sunshine Lemon
  • Blue Raspberry

Peach Swirl Body Mist notes:

  • White Peach
  • Whipped Coconut
  • Tan Lines

These new scents are available now. Sadly, they aren’t part of the Semi-Annual Sale but maybe later in the month they will be! Right now they are 2 for $18.

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