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Here’s how to achieve the trending wet hair look with Iles Formula.

Wet textured hair dominated the runways last year, and has now been adopted by pretty much every one of our favorite celebrities. This sultry hairstyle is not just for high fashion looks, but can translate into a far more wearable trend with a softened, street style aesthetic. 

This trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. There’s something about this just washed, shower-fresh vibe that adds another dimension to your look, elevating your outfit and overall appearance. Whether you’re covering unwashed hair, or making a statement for a night out, read our guide on getting the wet-hair look at home.

What you need

Have your essentials ready, in order to achieve the perfect wet hair look you will need:

How to style wet-look hair?

The big question is, how do we achieve this look? Actual wet hair won’t stay wet, and it will dry frizzy which is the exact opposite of what we want with this look! Your strands need a little extra help to maintain that damp look.

Start with damp hair. After cleansing or wetting the hair, use the Iles Formula Hair Turban Towel to absorb any excess moisture prior to styling. If it dries too quickly as you’re styling, use a spray bottle to spritz water to keep hair wet. 

Next section your hair and apply the product thoroughly. We recommend using the Iles Formula Intensive Hair + Body Balm to perfect that effortlessly chic, nurtured wet-look style that’s here to stay. ⁠One of the key ingredients, sustainably sourced Shea Butter, a natural UV filter, alongside one of our favourites, the Tucuma Butter, makes hair mould into any shape beautifully.

Don’t be shy with this step, as this is how you maintain that wet look throughout the day. Once you have the desired wetness, comb through the hair and use your fingers to perfectly place pieces until the desired look is achieved.

How to wear wet-look hair?

All the images in this blog are wet hair looks created by our founder Wendy Iles.

As Wendy always says, “A wet hair look can never be executed solely with water when there are cameras around. It will be impossible to keep the hair under control.”

As far as hair trends go, it’s one of the easier looks to recreate for yourself. Just follow these simple steps to elevate your glam and you’ll be good to go.

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