Top 10 Formal Hairstyles for Your Next Event

You know that feeling of excitement mixed with slight dread? You’ve been invited to a swanky event. You’ve got the dress, the shoes, and even the accessories.

But then, the ever-lingering question looms overhead: “What am I going to do with my hair?” If you’ve ever found yourself in this spot, you’re not alone. 

By the end of this blog, you’ll have more than a handful of gorgeous formal hairstyles to pick from. Not just any hairstyles, but ones that are sure to turn heads and win compliments all night long.

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1. The Classic Updo

Updo hairstyles have stood the test of time for a reason. They exude elegance, especially for those attending weddings or gala events. Whether you have medium length hair or longer tresses, this look can be your new go-to.

And for those with oily hair types, an updo can be both practical and chic.

Now, if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, why not colour your hair at home with some pastel shades before styling it into a sophisticated updo? This will add a touch of modern flair to a timeless formal hairstyle.

2. Natural Waves

Natural wavy hairstyles have been trending hairstyles for years, and it’s not hard to see why. For those attending beach weddings or outdoor events, this is a match made in heaven. To get natural waves, consider using some of our favourite products, which can help transform your hair into voluptuous locks in no time.

You might be wondering: How do you maintain that fresh-out-of-the-ocean look without the actual ocean? We’ve got some everyday hair hacks that’ll help you achieve just that.

3. The Ribboned Ponytail

Formal ponytail hairstyles have gotten a fancy upgrade with ribbons. It’s a mix of sophistication and fun. Plus, ribbon hairstyles can be tailored to match your outfit, offering a harmonious look.

But here’s the kicker: they’re also incredibly easy to do. All it takes is a well-placed ribbon and a few handy hair hacks.

4. The Half Up Half Down Look

When you think of striking a balance between sophisticated and relaxed, the half updo style immediately comes to mind. It’s no surprise that this particular hairstyle has gained significant traction, especially among those attending special occasions.

Imagine having the front sections of your hair neatly tucked away, ensuring that no strands fall onto your face during those heartfelt wedding speeches or dance-offs. Meanwhile, the flowing locks at the back give a more relaxed feel, perfect for an event where emotions run high and shoes might be kicked off for some fun on the dance floor.

5. Embrace the Curls

Curls, be they natural or crafted with care, have always held a special place in the realm of formal hairstyles. Their spirals, turns, and playful nature add depth and a sense of vivacity to any look.

Whether you’re someone blessed with naturally curly locks or someone with straight hair seeking a change, formal curly hairstyles can transform thin hair like no other. Now, let’s talk specifics:

If you’re someone who boasts naturally curly hair, you’re in luck. Natural curls, when styled right, can be the showstopper at any event.

Here’s a tip: Always keep them well moisturised. When your curls are hydrated, they shine brighter and look fuller. So, invest in a good moisturising product, and watch your curls go from drab to fab in no time.

Pair this with pastel hair colours and watch as the compliments keep rolling in.

6. The Sleek and Straight

Formal hairstyles down, especially the sleek and straight look, is making a comeback. It’s the easiest hairstyle in the world—minimalist, yet impactful. Ideal for those with naturally straight hair or those willing to use a straightener, this look spells sophistication.

7. The Messy Bun Magic

Who said messy buns are just for home? Elevate your everyday messy bun into a statement. It’s the easiest way to achieve a chic look.

To style a messy bun for a formal setting, add some hair accessories and you’re golden. Want to know the best part? This style can be done in under a minute. Yes, updos in a minute aren’t a myth!

8. Perfect Ponytails

While we’ve already touched upon the ponytail hairstyle with ribbons, a sleek ponytail with our Sitting Pretty halo hair extensions can be a showstopper, especially for more modern, chic events. It’s one of those formal hairstyles that effortlessly merges simplicity with elegance.

Here’s how to craft a high ponytail with halo hair extensions:

  • First things first: Remove your halo extensions from your head. Once it’s off, take off the wire. We won’t be needing that for this style.
  • Now, grab your go-to hair tie—everybody has that one trusty tie, right? Gather your hair and tie it into a high ponytail, ensuring it’s firm but not too tight; you don’t want to encourage breakage.
  • Position your halo extensions over your natural ponytail. Take a bobby pin and anchor the beginning of the halo to your actual ponytail.
  • Proceed to wrap the halo extensions around your existing ponytail. This step is crucial, so pay attention. You’ll want to pin the halo securely as you go, ensuring it stays in place without slipping.
  • Once the halo is wrapped and secure, select a thin strand of hair from the ponytail. Wrap this strand around the base where your natural ponytail and halo meet. Use a pin to secure it underneath the ponytail. This hides any visible bobby pins and the beginning of the halo, making the whole look seamless.

9. Short and Stylish

Let’s get one thing straight: having short hair doesn’t put you in a hairstyling corner. Indeed, there are so many ways to style short hair—they can be a canvas for creativity and innovation in the realm of formal hairstyles. The beauty lies in its versatility and the ability to transform with just a few simple tweaks.

Let’s not forget about the importance of face shape haircut choices. The structure of your face plays a pivotal role in how a hairstyle complements your overall look.

For instance:

  • Oval faces can pull off almost any short hairstyle. Be it a pixie or a bob, the balanced proportions of an oval face can carry it effortlessly.
  • For the heart-faced individuals, a side-parted style or soft waves can balance out the broader forehead and narrower chin.
  • Square faces benefit from short hairstyles that soften the angular jawline. Think soft waves or even a curly bob that sits right above the jaw, giving a more rounded appearance.
  • Round faces? They can benefit from asymmetrical cuts or hairstyles that add a bit of height on the top, elongating the appearance of the face.

10. Bridal Bliss

Every bride-to-be or wedding attendee dreams of achieving that awe-inspiring hair that captures the essence of the special day. Trending bridal hairstyles have been at the forefront, constantly evolving and adapting to give every woman the ultimate look.

The Versatile Updo: Updos remain a favourite in the wedding scene. The charm of a neatly pulled-back style allows for the focus to shift to the face and the dress. Paired with immaculate wedding hair and makeup, it gives a regal touch that’s both timeless and elegant.

Braided Beauty: Braided hairstyles can weave a story of romance and sophistication. Think delicate fishtails or braided crowns that circle the head, adding a touch of boho chic to your overall look.

Perfect Wedding Hair: Every strand should mirror the excitement and bliss of the day. Whether you’re opting for long cascading waves or a simple yet refined bob, achieving the perfect wedding hair is all about ensuring it complements your facial features and the vibe of your wedding.

Messy Bun, Elevated: Who said messy can’t be classy? With a few tweaks and adornments, you can easily elevate your messy bun into something worthy of a bridal magazine cover. It’s the ideal blend of effortless and sophisticated, perfect for those aiming for a more laid-back elegance.

Now, for the real excitement. Go on, try out these formal hairstyles, maybe even invest in some hair care products that will make these looks even more achievable.

And when you nail that look, we’d love to see it! Share your transformations, your favourite formal hair dos, and let’s keep the inspiration flowing. After all, hair is the crown we never take off.

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