Travel Must Haves: technology + gadgets

It’s hard to believe that it was just about 2 short weeks ago that I traveled to Paris with Amanda and Jordan. It was such an incredible trip.

The last international flight I took, excluding the bahamas in 2019, was when I was in high school. So, it had been awhile! I gave a lot of thought to what tech and gadgets I wanted to bring with on the 7+ hour red eye flight over the Atlantic, and I’m sharing what I brought below!

01. Over Ear Headphones – very comfortable and also noise cancelling!

02. Neck pillow – I tried a different neck support device but didn’t like it, so this pillow did the trick!

03. Small iPhone external battery – I use this quite often in my daily life as well, it’s a great thing to have on hand.

04. Airfly (Bluetooth headphone jack converter) – I didn’t end up using this BUT I was glad to have it as an option should I have needed it.

05. Backup battery – I also use this in my daily life often, it’s slim but also holds a ton of power to recharge my phone, kindle, or any other smaller gadget.

06. Travel light up Mirror – I’ve had mine for years and bring it along on every single trip!

07. Airtag attachment – It was helpful to know I would be able to locate my bag should it have gotten lost along the journey.

08. Clear umbrella – I wanted to have a cute umbrella option should I need to use it while we were out and about taking photos!

09. Kindle – The only thing I read on! I’m a huge Kindle fan and highly recommend it!

10. Travel Adapters – Our hotel also provided adapters, but I packed these anyway to have a small option. They worked perfectly!

11. Care/Of Sleep – These are my top choice of a melatonin sleep aid. They have other good relaxing ingredients as well. I took this as well as a Unisom every night that we were in Paris, but I only took this on the flight to help me relax. I never feel groggy after taking these either!

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