Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale Starts June 12th

Mark those calendars because the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale starts tomorrow, June 12th. Snag up to 75% off fragrance, body care, bras, and more at and in stores. Last year, the sale started late, and for a second, I thought it wasn’t happening at all! Sadly, like the Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual Sale, it sucked last year, but I still oddly look forward to it as it’s a great time to grab perfumes that you didn’t want to pay the total price for or to stock up on fragrance mists and body lotions at a considerable discount. I find as I get older, I don’t want to pay the total price for them since they are so damn weak! I don’t know if I need to run to the store, but I’ll browse online tomorrow and see what pops up!

Are you excited about the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale?

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