Weekend Getaway Makeup Routine

Weekend Getaway Makeup Routine

Hello, beautiful creatures! Today I’m sharing my Weekend Getaway Makeup Routine with you. This is the makeup that I packed with me for a quick routine when Dave, Ami and I spent the weekend in Orlando. I normally favor bold makeup, but for an effortless weekend, I went for simple, pretty makeup.

Getaway Makeup Routine Tutorial Video

Watch the video on YouTube for Closed Captioning in English!

What I’m Looking For in Weekend Getaway Makeup

I want my weekend getaway makeup routine to be goof proof, quick to apply, have maximum impact with minimal effort, and to look good. For me that means iridescent shades on the eyes and cheeks, and a simple lip. I want my complexion to be satiny and the makeup to last all day.

Weekend Getaway Makeup Routine Look

Everything purchased by me unless marked PR. Thanks for shopping through my affiliate links!

Buxom Powerful Plum Lip Liner, KimChi Chic Double Diamonds Highlighter, LA Girl Instant Finish Primer, Laura Geller Foundations, and Buxom Spellbound Pink gloss, are all cruelty-free but not vegan. Every other makeup product featured is cruelty-free and vegan.

Cordelia is wearing LA Girl Instant Finish Multi Use Tinted Primer in LightCordelia is wearing LA Girl Instant Finish Multi Use Tinted Primer in Light

Nyx Grey Micro Brow Pencil (vegan)
Nyx Cool Ash Brown Thickening Brow Gel (vegan)

Buxom Powerful Plum Lip Liner (as brow pencil)(cruelty-free but not vegan)
Nyx Clear Thickening Brow Gel (vegan)

Danessa Myricks Universal Blurring Balm (vegan)
KimChi Chic Beauty Double Diamonds BFF4EVR Kimchi X Trixie: WTHighlight (cruelty-free but not vegan)
Thrive Causemetics Brynn Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara (vegan)

LA Girl Light Instant Finish Multi-use Tinted Primer (cruelty-free but not vegan)
Laura Geller Fair & Medium Baked Balance-n-Brighten Foundation (cruelty-free but not vegan)
Too Faced Velvet Crush Cloud Crush Blurring Blush (cruelty-free but not vegan)
KimChi Chic Beauty Double Diamonds BFF4EVR Kimchi X Trixie: WTHighlight
OneSize On ‘Til Dawn Mattifying Waterproof Setting Spray (vegan)

Nyx Fierce Flirt Lip Liner Pencil (vegan)
HalfMagic Y2k Cherub Magic Drip Lip Gloss (vegan)

Buxom Spellbound Plumping Lip Gloss (cruelty-free but not vegan)

Black Moon Makeup Mirror (PR)
Kuromi Headband
Purple Makeup Fan
Eyeko Lash Curler (discontinued)

Hair Tip

To elevate my pony tail, I braided a section of hair on each side of my face and then pulled that back into my ponytail. I sometimes also wrap the braids around my ponytail elastic to hide it. Because I’ve had to deal with hair loss related to surgery, I’m treating my hair extra gently. I only use silk ponytail holders to minimize any damage.

LA Girl Light Instant Finish Multi-use Tinted Primer

I can’t say enough nice things about the LA Girl Light Instant Finish Multi-use Tinted Primer! It evens out my skintone, blurs my pores and fine lines, provides a nice base for makeup products to adhere to, and looks great on my minimal makeup days. LA Girl offers this in 6 shades: Light, Nude, Medium Beige, Tan, Deep Tan, and Deep.

LA Girl Light Instant Finish Multi-use Tinted Primer is like putting an Instagram filter on your skin, letting your beauty shine through while minimizing things that you don’t like. In the weekend getaway makeup routine tutorial video I show you my skin up close with this primer on so you can see how it blurs my pores, blurs hyperpigmentation but does not cover it fully, and makes my skin look its best.

Nyx Fierce Flirt Lip Liner Pencil

Nyx Fierce Flirt Lip Liner Pencil is the perfect cool-toned light mauve pink for my lips. It’s definitely a MLBB (my lips but better) color and very flattering on me. If you’re cool-toned or a fan of cool-tones I recommend checking this one out. There are no brown hues in this pencil and it does not turn orange or brown on me.

Nyx Brow Products

Nyx’s brow product offerings are excellent and don’t get enough love! The Micro Brow Pencil formula works as a dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow pencils. They have a good shade range, though I wish they made a shade to match my Manic Panic Pink Warrior hair.

Nyx Clear Thickening Brow Gel is nice because it works with any color that you use on your brows. It definitely has a glue-like appearance, too!

Fair Blush Recommendations

If you’re looking for a pressed blurring blush formula and your skin tone is similar to mine – very fair neutral cool to muted yellow – these Too Faced Cloud Crush Blurring Blush shades will look flattering on you!

  • Velvet Crush Cloud Crush Blurring Blush – peachy-pink-beige that gives me a natural looking flush
  • Candy Clouds Cloud Crush Blurring Blush – cool-toned light candy pink that gives me a doll like flush
  • Watermelon Rain Cloud Crush Blurring Blush – reddish-pink that gives me a snow bitten flush

I highly recommend looking at Aromaleigh and Silk Naturals for cool-toned muted blushes. I’ve seen so many people asking for indie recommendations for K beauty brands, and both Aromaleigh and Silk Naturals create beautiful unique blushes that will blow your mind. See some of my Aromaleigh blushes, highlighters, and contours swatches. See many Silk Naturals makeup swatches.

I do have a discount code with both Aromaleigh and Silk Naturals, which is CORDELIA. You can see my active Affiliate Codes / Coupon Codes / Discount Codes here.

Pink Lip Glosses

I have exactly four pink lip glosses.

  1. Silk Naturals Top Dog Lip Gloss Stick – light unicorn pink with rainbow sparkles and pink, purple and gold.
  2. R.E.M. Beauty 7 Rings Thank U, Next Plumping Lip Gloss – light pink with champagne iridescent glitter
  3. Buxom Spellbound Pink Plump Shot Lip Serum – opalescent pink with gold and violet sparkles
  4. Half Magic Y2K Cherub Magic Drip Glitter Lip Gloss – bubblegum pink with periwinkkle and pink reflects

Top Dog and Y2K Cherub are non-plumping, very comfortable to wear, and unique formulas. Top Dog is a lip gloss stick, so not messy at all with application. Y2K Cherub is a non-sticky gloss formula that stays precisely where you put it.

R.E.M. Beauty 7 Rings and Buxom Spellbound Pink are both a plumping lip gloss formula with iridescent sparkles, which is why I was drawn to them. I can’t tolerate most plumping lip formulas but neither of these irritate my lips, though I can feel a tingling sensation.

Outfit of the Day

BlackMilk Moon Phases Cuffed PantsBlackMilk Moon Phases Cuffed Pants

ISLY NYC Gemini Earrings
Midnight Hour Choker Top
BlackMilk Moon Phases Cuffed Pants
Crystal Ball Shoulder Bag (handmade)
Black Pointed Toe Shoes

I filmed my Weekend Getaway Makeup Routine video after work and before I went to Physical Therapy this week. My outfit for physical therapy always includes pants that I can move in like my BlackMilk Moon Phases Cuffed Pants.

Midnight Hour Choker Top

I find my Midnight Hour Choker Top very comfortable to wear. It gives me some 90s goth vibes too.

Crystal Ball Shoulder Bag

If you’ve been thinking about my Crystal Ball Shoulder Bag, you should know it’s awesome. Dave, Ami, and I went sound bathing last Friday and I brought it with me for tactile stimulation during the experience. I love being able to pet it while my eyes are closed.

Everyday Earrings

Right now, my most worn earrings are my Betsey Johnson Black Heart Earrings and my  ISLY NYC Gemini Earrings. They’re both cute and comfortable to wear.

Makeup Tutorial Requests

Here are my newer eyeshadow palettes that you can request looks from:

I also have tons of singles from Devinah, Lethal Cosmetics, Clionadh, Silk Naturals, and Aromaleigh that you can request too. So if there’s an eyeshadow combo you’re dying to see, let me know!

It’s vital to know that you can have high-quality, vegan eyeshadow formulas with proven preservatives that have a good shelf life. I despise the clean beauty trend so much because clean beauty, just like cruelty-free beauty, isn’t an FDA regulated term, so people use it to greenwash things. Additionally, I’m of the opinion that clean beauty, the type that does not use proven preservatives, is just to get people to buy makeup more frequently since it goes bad so much faster.

Final Thoughts

Cordelia shares her weekend getaway makeup routine in a video tutorialCordelia shares her weekend getaway makeup routine in a video tutorial

It has been a very long, difficult week and I’m grateful the weekend is here. I have plans to rest and see friends. I need to stop pushing myself to the point of injury while I’m still healing from my surgeries. The hardest thing about healing is prioritizing rest when you feel ‘almost’ normal. I hope you’re having a fantastic weekend.

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