What Is PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation?

Do you know what happens every 60 seconds globally?? PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation finds a beautiful new face to protect! Yes, that’s correct — every 60 seconds! 

Guess what the next number is you should know? 38. It only takes 38 seconds to apply jane iredale PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation! How do I know? I’ve timed myself… many times! It’s quick and easy, but the best part is this foundation feels lightweight, silky, and leaves the skin looking its very best. It doesn’t feel heavy or look cakey.

One of the most important things about wearing a foundation is it should protect your skin from premature aging. Did you know that 90% of visible aging is caused by UV damage?  A Physical SPF is crucial to protect the skin, andPurePressed Base provides SPF of up to 20which covers 95.5% of the UVB rays. These are the rays whichcause your skin to burn and over time can lead to hyperpigmentation or long-term redness. 

purepressed base before and after

Physical SPF can consist of two key ingredients Titanium dioxide and Zinc Oxide. These two minerals have some amazing skincare properties. Both are calming and soothing to the skin, andZinc Oxide has knownantimicrobial properties which make it great for oily,acneic skin types.  

Powder foundations have not always been popular and there are many reasons why. In the early 1920’s the first powder foundation was created using Talc and other ingredients that are not skin friendly. Today, many companies still use talc in their products.  One of the reasons why we have never used Talc is itdoesn’t reflect light; its light absorbing. This is why, inphotos, your skin may appear to havea grey/whiteish cast. Talc is very drying and dehydrating as it doesn’t allow the skin to breathe and function normally.  

Whyis mineral foundation better for your skinMinerals refract light (which means breaks) and reflect light (bounce away) on the skin.  Therefore, you can use less product and get the same or better coverage than traditional cosmetics. Our minerals lay flat on the surface of the skin, so your skin looks even, they hide your skin concerns, and you’reprotected from harmful UVA and UVB rays.purepressed base ingredient algae  

What sets PurePressed Base apart from all the powder foundation on the market?

It’s the ingredients:

  • Titanium Dioxide
  • Zinc Oxide
  • Boron Nitride
  • Mica and Iron Oxides

On top of all the key minerals, we use:purepressed base ingredient minerals

  • Pomegranate Extract
  • Pine Bark Extract

The Benefits ofPurePressed Base Mineral Foundation

One of the best facts about this foundation is it’s a 4 n 1.purepressed base ingredient pomegranate

  1. It’s a foundation
  2. Can act as your concealer
  3. Provides SPF
  4. Has skincare benefits

Its quick and easy to apply and comes in 26 shades.  It provides a semi-matte finish and is great for all skin types. Its water resistant up to 40 minutes and it is also Reef safe.

It’s available in a refill.  All you need is to purchase our new modern, sleek compact, which is recyclable and reusable. Not only are we concerned about the ingredients in our products, but we are also concerned about our world.  We strive for sustainability.  

You can layer this foundation on top of any of our liquid foundations, depending on the level of coverage you desire, or you can wear it alone.

How to Apply PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation

For a sheercoverage

  • Apply your Smooth Affair Primer (depending on your skin type)
  • With the Handi Brush, apply PurePressed Base in a downward motion all over the face and neck
  • Don’t forget to set it with your hydration spray of choice

For a mediumcoverage

  • Apply your Primer of choice followed by one of our liquid foundations (I would recommend either Dream Tint Tinted Moisturizer or Liquid Minerals)
  • Apply PurePressed Base on top of your liquid foundation with the Handi Brush

Forfuller coverage

  • Apply primer of choice followed by either Glow Time BB cream or Beyond Matte Liquid Foundation
  • Apply PurePressed Base with the Handi Brush
  • If you want even more coverage, you can use your Flocked Sponge with a roll-pressing motion to apply your PurePressed Base. This technique is best if you need to do any camouflaging to cover acne, redness or hyperpigmentation.

For your best application make sure you have the right primer to prep your skin, the right formula(s) of foundation, and hydration spray to set everything.  All of theseare key in creating the perfect complexion.

When PurePressed Base launched in 1997 we had no idea the lives we would change, but if you don’t believe me head over to our website and read the 2351 reviews!

purepressed base ingredient pomegranate

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