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You may not have heard about pH balance in the realm of skincare before, but it’s more important than you might think. Dermatologists recognise that balanced pH levels can benefit skin, but you don’t have to be a scientist to understand why. Get ready for a deep dive into how pH levels affect your skin and the products that you should use to keep your levels in check. 

What is pH Balance in Skin?

The pH scale ranges from one to fourteen: seven is considered neutral, with the numbers below that being acidic, and any numbers above being more alkaline.   

Skin has an average pH rating of between four and five, meaning it is slightly more acidic than water, which itself sits right in the middle of the pH scale. 

What pH Levels are Harmful to Skin?

Ideally, any moisturiser, cleanser, toner or sunscreen that you use should have a pH level that is similar or identical to that of your skin. This will prevent your pH levels from being altered – pH levels of less than three or more than eight can contribute to the development of skin conditions. 

Alkaline Skin Symptoms

Alkaline skin is deemed to be drier than average, and more prone to ageing, resulting in more fine lines and wrinkles. This can be diagnosed simply by judging the skin’s appearance – is your skin redder than normal? Does it feel sensitive to the touch? If so, your skin could be alkaline.  

Reach for Fresh Waves as your moisturiser and Rainforest Dew as your serum. The prebiotics and probiotics in Fresh Waves will help restore the skin’s pH balance, while Rainforest Dew rehabilitates skin with moisture, helping to reduce redness and calm sensitivity. They’re the ideal duo for relieving alkaline skin. 

Acidic Skin Symptoms

Those with acidic skin primarily suffer from increased risks of skin conditions like eczema and acne. This is due to an increased susceptibility to inflammation, making these conditions easier to develop. 

How to Treat Acidic Skin

Are you reading these warning signs and wondering how can I balance my skin pH naturally? Well, the good news is there are easy ways to rebalance your skin’s pH, whether it’s too acidic or too alkaline. 

Drink More Water

We cannot stress this enough – the number one way to start rectifying your skin’s pH level is to increase your daily water intake. We’re not talking double the amount of water you’d usually drink, but maybe just an additional two cups here and there to really make sure your hydration levels are where they should be.  

This is particularly important when you exercise. Your body loses a considerable amount of water during a workout, and it needs to be replenished to prevent your skin from struggling. 

Use pHNeutral Products

While this tip may sound obvious to some, we’ve listed it for a reason. It can be difficult for brands to balance the pH levels in their skincare – with so many ingredients included, it isn’t always possible to produce a completely pH-neutral formula. However, at Tropic, we’ve researched and developed pH-balanced formulas to help keep your skin in check; from our Morning Mist, body washes and pebbles, to our bath foam and hand wash. 

Go Back to Basics

If you’re experimenting with a slightly different routine, do yourself a favour and give your skin a quick break. If you’re finding it hard to diagnose why your skin is so sensitive, inflamed, or even painful, try reverting to a simple routine involving a cleanser and moisturiser. 

Wear Sunscreen

Once your routine is back to normal, you’ll need to ensure that your skin is protected throughout the day to combat the side effects of acidic or alkaline skin. The best way of doing this is to use SPF products, even during the winter. Wearing sunscreen daily is enough to keep your potentially vulnerable, pH-compromised skin protected from harmful UV rays while it works on repairing itself under the surface. 

Speak to a Professional

If you’re still struggling to cope with your imbalanced skin, speak to a qualified skincare professional. Dermatologists will be able to conduct the necessary tests to assess your skin’s condition, before following up with a list of product recommendations that will get your skin back to its former glory in no time. 

Balance your Skin with Tropic

While it can be hard to diagnose skin pH issues, it’s worth exploring if you’ve exhausted all other routes. In your quest for balanced skin, browse the entire natural skincare range on our website, and start improving your skin’s health with Tropic, today. 

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