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Let’s be honest – we can’t be green gods and goddesses 24/7. We all deserve a treat as part of our self-care routine! While films, wine and salty snacks are common companions to an evening of face masks and pampering, it’s worth remembering that your skin also needs nourishment from the inside out on a daily basis.  

At Tropic, we’re all about skin health, but that doesn’t start and end with the products you put on your face. Using formulas with natural ingredients is a great step towards achieving clear, bright skin, but the foods you eat day-do-day also make a big difference. Read on to discover some of the best foods for your skin to help you get a beauty boost.  

Does Diet Affect Skin?

The short answer is yes. Multiple studies have tried to find a link between diet and skin health, with one conducted in 2020 finding that: “Nutrition is closely associated with skin health and is required for all biological processes of skin from youth to aging or disease. Nutrition levels and eating habits can repair damaged skin and can also cause damage to the skin.” 
You only have to glance at the myriad examples on social media for discussions on what foods improve skin… and for debates on the worst foods for skin. There seems to be a consensus amongst dermatologists that diets high in sugar can contribute to the ageing of skin, making it less vibrant and more oily. 

The Best Food for Good Skin

As a vegan brand, we’re forgoing the usual talk of omega-rich oily fish and gut health heroes like kefir in our quest for great skin. But have no fear – our top picks of vegan foods will still give you a glow! 

Omega-3-rich Foods

Foods such as leafy greens, edamame beans, chia seeds and algae are abundant in omega3 fatty acids. These acids regulate the skin’s oil production, improving hydration, minimising breakouts and signs of ageing, and reducing inflammation and sensitivity. In fact, the skin benefits of omega-3 are so celebrated, that some brands have created omega oils for direct use on the skin. At Tropic, our Elixir Radiance-Boosting Omega Oil is expertly formulated to feed skin with the same level of essential fatty acids we’d naturally have at the age of 22. 


Fat often gets a bad rap, but it’s an important part of our diets especially unsaturated fats such as those found in avocados. Packed full of fatty acids, avocados can help reconstruct your skin’s natural barrier, while their high levels of vitamins E and A help to repair skin cells and slow the signs of ageing. The effects are seen topically, too: cold-pressed avocado oil is found in our Super Greens Nutrient Boost Oil to fight sensitivity and the effects of pollution. 


Flaxseeds are known as a superfood for a reason. They’re a major source of omega-3 fatty acids, helping keep your skin smooth and hydrated, and these nutritious little seeds contain powerful antioxidants that work to fight against wrinkles.   

Flaxseeds can be easily incorporated into your diet thanks to their mildly nutty taste. Try sprinkling a few flaxseeds into your favourite smoothie or stirring some into your breakfast cereal.  


In need of hydration? Reach for juicy kiwis to provide a quick thirst-quenching snack. Kiwi fruit contains a high concentration of vitamin C – an anti-inflammatory nutrient that hydrates the skin, evens out complexion, and protects against skin damage caused by free radicals.  

Kiwi also contains polyphenols from the epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) family, which have been shown to promote skin elasticity, helping your skin look younger for longer. Kiwi juice is a key ingredient in our Juicy Greens Exfoliating Toning Essence, reviving parched skin to leave it looking healthy and bouncy. 

Bell Peppers

Bell peppers hide some impressive skincare credentials behind their glossy exteriors. Aside from being great sources of hydration and vitamin C, peppers are pigmented with a natural compound called capsanthin, which is particularly abundant in red peppers. This antioxidant boasts similar properties to vitamin E, providing some protection against UV damage.  


These tasty morsels provide vitamin-rich nourishment for your skin. Vitamin B5 helps reduce dark spots, while vitamin E restores skin to its former glory by reducing wrinkles and protecting against UV damage.  

Walnuts are also full of antimicrobial agents that fight bacteria, infections, and various germs responsible for skin conditions like acne.  

Achieve Better Skin with Tropic

In combination with these foods, a targeted skincare routine will help you achieve a balanced complexion and more resilient skin. From moisturisers filled with organic compounds to cleansers that rid your skin of blemishes, Tropic‘s nature-inspired products make the most of the beautiful skin you’re in. Not sure where to start? Try our skincare routine finder now! 

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