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Let’s talk about the everything shower. You know, the one where you pamper yourself with all of your favorite products and indulge in a luxurious, lengthy routine. Whether you’re getting ready for a big event, a hot date, or simply just want to treat yourself, the everything shower is the answer. So if want some inspiration, these are my favorite products to use when I want my shower to feel like a spa experience – it includes some trusted favorites and indulgent splurges. Get ready for the ultimate pampering experience!


My routine starts before I even step foot in the shower, I like to set the mood by using a red light therapy mask (like this one from Current Body) and lighting a candle or spraying some essential oils, lavender is my favorite. 

Once I’m in the shower and everything is steamy, I lather up with NATURIUM The Glow Getter Multi-Oil Body Wash ($16), which nourishes my skin thanks to a blend of linoleic-rich oils and plant-derived squalane. It’s also formulated with 50 percent glycerin to hydrate the skin and provide the most luxurious experience. Plus, the subtle vanilla scent adds something extra to the experience.

Next, I grab my Nécessaire The Body Exfoliator ($30) and slather it all over my body. The gentle, yet effective, physical and chemical exfoliants buff away dry, flaky skin, and leave my skin feeling dolphin-smooth. I especially love using this to prep my skin before I apply self-tanner!

For the closest, silkiest shave ever, I swear by the Billie Razor ($11) and Billie Whipped Shaving Cream ($4) combo. The razor glides effortlessly, while the shaving cream helps prevent any potential irritation. 

After my shower, I reach for my Osea Algae Body Oil ($52) and apply it generously all over my body while my skin is still damp to lock in moisture. Don’t forget to take a moment to bask in the heavenly scent of essential oils for the full spa-like experience. 

I finish my body routine on a high note with NATURIUM Bio-Lipid Restoring Lotion ($15). It’s packed with omega fatty acids, shea butter, and B vitamins and leaves my skin feeling soft and supple. Plus, it’s helped get my skin summer-ready by improving my skin texture over time. 


An everything shower wouldn’t be complete without some TLC for my hair. If you wash your hair every 10 days (sometimes every two weeks, who am I kidding?) like me, then you’ll love the Ouai Detox Shampoo ($30). It deeply cleanses my scalp and removes all the buildup from the hair products I use to maintain my hair between washes. I love using a scalp scrubber brush to gently massage and evenly distribute the shampoo on my hair and scalp.

I have naturally curly, dry hair that I heat style almost every day, so it’s important that I really nourish my hair on wash day. My go-to product for this is the Amika Soulfood Nourishing Hair Mask ($32). I apply it generously throughout my hair and use a heat cap to let it work its magic while I finish the rest of my shower routine. 


When it comes to skincare, I have trusted favorite skincare products, and I rarely stray away from them. My routine starts with Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm ($36) – it breaks down makeup and sunscreen and easily rinses away.

My second cleanse is NATURIUM Niacinamide Cleansing Gelée 3% ($18), which has been a staple in my routine since it first came out. It’s formulated with niacinamide (of course) and has the most beautiful lather. I refuse to use any other cleanser! 

For treatments, I switch between using my Apostrophe prescription and SK-II Facial Treatment Essence ($245), depending on what my skin needs that day. My Apostrophe prescription is a contains a blend of tretinoin, spironolactone, and clindamycin and has been a game-changer for my acne-prone skin. The SK-II essence works wonders at hydrating my skin and keeping it plump and radiant.

Finally, I finish off with the iS Clinical Recovery Balm ($28) to lock in moisture and soothe any irritation I might have. When I’m in the mood for an extra treat, I like to do a face mask. My go-to right now is the Loops Weekly Reset Face Mask Set ($30). 

What products or tips turn your shower routine into a self-care experience? Share them in the comments below!

DISCLAIMER: This blog contains affiliate links. NATURIUM is Mixed makeup founder Susan Yara’s skincare brand, but all reviews are my own.

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