What’s the Most Annoying Thing About Makeup? Maybe You’ll Agree With Me About Mine!

I can’t deny I love makeup! I think we all do otherwise you wouldn’t be here chilling with me daily! Even if you’re on a no buy I love you still stop by! That’s testimony that even though you aren’t in a buying mood you still enjoy looking at new makeup, talking about it, etc..! But with the love of anything there always that little annoying thing you wish you can change about it too. You can never have the yin without the yang right?

What’s the most annoying thing about makeup for you? Maybe it’s when you’re applying your eyeliner and you poke yourself in the eye or perhaps when you’re applying mascara and it somehow, someway smudges on your lower lash line! Or how about when your foundation oxidizes? What’s the most annoying thing you can think of when it comes to makeup?

Well, you may be surprised at my reply and maybe you’ll even feel the same about it being annoying!

I love putting on my makeup! I’m not an expert by any means but I really enjoy the ritual. I like creating new looks even if the aren’t as elaborate or amazing as the ones influencers create. I like it because it gives me more confidence, it’s fun, and I just enjoy looking good. But that’s so easily ruined when people ask, “Oh where are you going? Are you going doing special? Are you going to party? Oh are you getting all fancy to go out with your boyfriend?” That’s probably one of the most annoying things about makeup. Why do I have to be going somewhere to do my makeup or why do I have to be “fancy” for my boyfriend? I like putting makeup on for myself and it doesn’t have to be for a party or an event or for my boyfriend. Come on…! I think it’s a super killjoy to see me in a winged liner and asking, “Oooo who are you trying to impress?” Umm no one! I wanted to look pretty today is that ok?

So, yeah, it isn’t necessarily an annoying thing about a formula or an application method it’s just people that can sometimes make makeup annoying. How about you? Do share your makeup annoyances!

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