Why Did Glen Powell, Gigi Paris Break Up? Did He Cheat With Sydney Sweeney?

He’s single and ready to mingle. He might be the actor that steals our hearts in 2024, but many are wondering why Glen Powell and Gigi Paris broke up.

The Hit Man star talked about his newly found single-ness to Bustle. “I’ve been talking to some people in my life and they’re like, ‘Glen, you’re a single guy. I know you’re trying to do all the right things in all the right ways, but you just have to embrace that those failures will be a little more public, a little more hurtful than maybe most people, maybe a little more embarrassing, but it’s OK. But when you’re going to fall, and you will inevitably fall in love, it’ll work,’ ” he told the publication. 

Glen Powell, Gigi Paris, Renee Bargh

Before embracing the single life he was in a committed relationship with model Gigi Paris. The two made it official in 2021, and often appeared together on red carpets. However in the midst of promotion for Glen’s film Anyone But You, the two suddenly broke up. Many fans attributed the breakup to Glen getting cozy with co-star Sydney Sweeney, but were those rumors true?

Why did Glen Powell and Gigi Paris break up?

Well, Glen Powell and Gigi Paris broke up due to irreconcilable differences, and Sydney was not a factor to it at all. On April 26, 2023, sources confirmed to People and Entertainment Tonight that they had broken up weeks before the drama emerged. “Glen Powell and his (now ex) girlfriend Gigi Paris broke up in early April. The breakup was amicable,” the source told ET, and added that Powell is “single.”

The other source told People, “Gigi and Glen had broken up several times. They had been on the rocks since Top Gun came out. Gigi was never happy with the long-distance filming and when she came to Australia [where Powell was filming Anyone But You] they both decided to break up for good.” Another source told the outlet, “It wasn’t about infidelity. She’s on different coasts modeling, he’s on different coasts filming. When she left, they were on great terms.”

Glen was very candid about how the media frenzy affected his well-being in an interview with Business Insider. “I’ll pretty much give Sydney all the credit for this, he told the outlet. I don’t have the mental capacity to pull anything like this off, but she’s very smart. She’s very smart. I had such a wonderful journey with her on this thing.

“The only reason it made things harder for me to lean into that stuff was that I was going through a very real breakup amidst a promotional tour,” he said. “I was with someone that I really loved and cared about and was trying to kind of make sense of a lot of stuff. It was a lot easier for Sydney to lean into something like that because she’s in a very committed and wonderful relationship and she’s very happy. So it was a little harder for me.”

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