Why Dom, Georgia Break Up From Perfect Match? Did She Cheat With Harry?

They won the hearts of fans in the show’s first season, but now news of their split has been sending shockwaves through the Perfect Match universe. The reason why Dom and Georgia broke up is not a simple answer, either, as illustrated in their very public falling out.

For background, The Perfect Match is a Netflix reality TV dating show hosted by Nick LacheyThe series sees former contestants from Netflix reality TV shows—including Love Is BlindToo Hot to HandleThe CircleThe Ultimatum, and The Mole—move into a villa in a tropical location, where they date each other in the hopes of finding their perfect match.

The Perfect Match Season 2 Cast

Each week, contestants who don’t have a match are eliminated as new contestants arrive at the villa to try to break up couples and find a match of their own. In the end, the couple voted on as the perfect match by the eliminated contestants are named the winners and receive a cash prize. Dom and Georgia were that couple in the show’s debut season.

But obviously, it wouldn’t last and with the premiere of season 2, everyone is talking about why Perfect Match‘s Dom and Georgia broke up.

Why did Perfect Match‘s Dom and Georgia break up?

Their geography had a lot to do with it—Georgia is from Brisbane, Australia, while Dom is from Toronto, Canada. During an interview with TODAY in March 2023, Dom explained why their relationship didn’t work out.

“I think after the show there’s a lot of things that you have to take into account, such as distance. And going from being in a house with cameras around you all the time is tough. We’re on good terms and there’s no bad blood there,” he said. “I think it was the kind of thing where, ‘Let’s see where the future leads us. Let’s kind of do our thing on our own.’ If the future has something else in store, if it’s meant to be, then it’s meant to be.”

Georgia Hassarati, Dom Gabriel in episode 12 of Perfect Match

Things got a little heated though, when it was revealed Georgia was in a relationship with former Too Hot To Handle cast member Harry Jowsey.

Ahead of the season 2 premiere, Netflix shared a where-are-they-now style video, revealing that Dom and Georgia had split before they had a chance to redeem their prize. Georgia said they were at “different levels of the relationship” and called Dom an “amazing person.”

But then, Dom claimed he felt “blindsided” by their split. “We were still talking. We were together, and she had to go do a certain podcast. The podcast came out and the title of the podcast was Georgia and Harry Jowsey Fall in Love,” suggesting that he had no idea Georgia was dating someone else.

Georgia hit back at Dom’s comments in an Instagram Story, then claimed she had her own dirt on her ex, that he was in a relationship with fellow Perfect Match cast member, Inez. “Since Dom would rather communicate online rather than face to face, this is for you Dom. You are so ‘unbothered’ but you never spoke to me about having issues with the title of a podcast I had no say in creating,” she said.

“I came back to our hotel after that podcast. You conveniently left out that you were at diner with Ines that night and I actually go back to our hotel before you did. Didn’t mention you two were in contact continuously post show either? And are dating now? [sic]”

Dom responded with screenshots of texts supposedly from Georgia, adding the caption: “Why would I speak to you about having issues afterwards when I asked how was the podcast right after? But you failed to mention you literally mention me on the podcast and I didn’t find out till after,” adding “I’m also very f—king single,” in response to Georgia’s claim he’s dating Inez.

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