Why Don’t The Plates On My Straightener Touch

Believe it or not, your styler is not faulty – This is actually an intentional design decision by the manafacturer!

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Why Don’t The Plates On My Straightener Touch?

Many manufacturers have deliberately designed their stylers to have plates that do not touch each other when the styler is closed. This design feature is intentional and serves multiple purposes. Here are a few reasons why the plates of your straightener do not touch:

  1. Smooth gliding: Firstly, The slight space between the plates facilitates smoother gliding of the styler through the hair. This reduces friction, preventing hair from snagging or getting caught between the plates, which could cause breakage or discomfort. The smooth movement of the plates helps create a seamless styling experience and prevents unnecessary damage to the hair.
  2. Flexibility and styling versatility: Secondly, the gap between the plates adds flexibility to the styler, allowing it to accommodate various hair thicknesses and textures. Different hair types require different levels of pressure and tension to achieve the desired style, and the gap between the plates enables the styler to adjust to the hair without excessive force. This versatility makes your stylers suitable for a wide range of hair types and styles.
  3. Even heat distribution: Finally, the gap between the plates allows for more even heat distribution across the hair. When the styler clamps down on a section of hair, the heat penetrates the hair strands sandwiched between the plates. The gap ensures that the heat is evenly distributed throughout the hair, providing consistent results and minimizing the risk of hot spots that could lead to hair damage.


In summary, the intentional gap between the plates of your straightener is designed to ensure smooth gliding, versatility for different hair types, and even heat distribution, all of which contribute to healthier, beautifully styled hair.

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