YSL Candy Glow Tinted Butter Balm

YSL Beauty launched another tinted balm called the Candy Glow Tinted Butter Balm $40 and out of the three balm formulas they have out now this one is my favorite for pigment and formula.

There are 6 shades right now. I ordered all of them from Sephora they sold out almost instantly but finally restocked. You can also find these at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Selfridges.

3B Rosewood Blush below 

YSL Candy Glow Tinted Butter Balm 3B

The Candy Glow Tinted Butter Balm is a soft buttery balm in a twist up format. Candy Glow is more pigmented and more buttery feeling than the Loveshine which has more slip to it. The new Candy Glow isn’t as thick in texture as the Candy Glaze. For softness level they’re soft but not as soft as the Tarte Maracuja Juicy Balms, but with the hot summer months coming I do wonder how they’ll hold up in my bag if I’m out and about with the summer heat.

Candy Glow Balms have the same sweet signature YSL lip balm scent like the Candy Glaze and original Rouge Volupte Shines (sweet and fruity). Pigment is sheer medium but noticeable on my pigmented lips. I really love these! You can see them all in action here.

Below all shades, also wearing Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in Shade 6.5, Givenchy Prisme Libre Loose Powder Shade 3, Dior Rosy Glow Blush in Pink, Natasha Denona My Dream Palette.

  • 1B Pink Sunrise is a color shifting shade which will transform into a pink flush
  • 44B Nude Lavalliere is a nude pink and it’s the best variation of all the 44B colors because it has more warmth to it making it more wearable on my complexion (see the others here)
  • 3B Rosewood Blush is a warm rose pink (I think this is my favorite)
  • 5B Nude Crush is a brownish rose
  • 6B Brown Nude is a sheer neutral brown
  • 7B Nude Pleasure is a warm brown

YSL Candy Glow Tinted Butter Balm review via The Beauty Lookbook Blog

YSL Candy Glow Tinted Butter Balm swatches via The Beauty Lookbook Blog

YSL Candy Glow Tinted Butter Balm lip swatches via The Beauty Lookbook Blog

Application in action:

Overall love. I do like these Candy Glow Balms a lot better than the Loveshine because the lasting power is better. Since there isn’t quite as much slip they grip the lip much better and don’t feel like they’re sliding off. I still really like the Candy Glaze formula and colors but they can feel a little thick, especially in the hot summer months. This newer one is more comfortable on the lips.

A few of you asked how these compare to the Dior Addict Lip Glow and I would say the Dior formula is similar for color/pigment but the texture feels a little more waxy on the lips.

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Available at Sephora, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Selfridges and all YSL Beauty retailers.

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