YSL Loveshine Lip Oil Sticks

YSL Beauty revamped their cult classic Rouge Volupte Shine into a new formula called the Loveshine Oil Lipsticks ($45 each). It seems they’ve kept a lot the same with the formula. They’ve revamped with new packaging and new ingredients including Fig Pulp for sensitive lips.

I hauled quite a few of the shades as I loved the original and was very curious about these new ones. Their marketing and rebranding is genius! Most of the shades look like they are new, but they’ve kept a couple of the originals including 44 Nude Lavalliere and 150 Nude Lingerie.

The Loveshine formula is quite sheer with a glossy balm-like finish to them. Lasting power for colors isn’t really going to be long unless you layer on top of a long-wear lip liner but the hydration does seem to linger long for soft supple lips.

Overall these new Loveshine lipsticks perform the same as the Rouge Volupte Shine to me. The pigment of the newer formula seems to be sheerer than the originals with a lot of the lighter neutrals pulling very similar on my lips. I found that I really loved the darker brighter shades I had ordered and if I were to do my haul over I would have picked all the brighter colors instead.

I wasn’t able to get photographs edited and posted on the lips here because of time, but I wanted to get swatches and a review up before the Sephora sale ended for those who have been asking. I did post a try-on reel here which I’ll also link below.

What I’m wearing:

YSL Loveshine Lip Oil Stick swatches

Onto the shades I picked:

  • 201 Rosewood Blush is a sheer rose pink (looks warmer in tube, but cool on my lips)
  • 202 Peachy Glow is a taupe rose nude (also pulls cool on my lips)
  • 203 Blushed Mallow is a cool mauve
  • 204 Melted Honey is a sheer pale beige
  • 205 Nude Self is a berry rose
  • 207 Scenic Brown is a berry brownish shade
  • 209 Pink Desire is a pretty warm brighter pink
  • 44 Nude Lavalliere is a cool-toned pale pink
  • 150 Nude Lingerie is a warm peachy pink

YSL Loveshine Lip Oil Sticks

YSL Loveshine Lip Oil Stick swatches

Quick note that my arm is ultra fair right now which makes everything look warmer than they do on my face. I’ve had some interesting conversations with some of you about skin tone and tans – and a number of you are my skin twins with winter skin tone vs summer skin tone. A lot of colors (foundations included) are straight up orangey on me now. With most of my foundations I have to do a bit of mixing with the elf Halo Glow Filter or Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filters in lighter shades. I also have to do a LOT of blending into my neck area. I haven’t been this fair in skin tone since I left San Diego, but since I tan easily I suspect I will be back to my most-of-the-year-round color very soon.

Feedback from some of you about these new Loveshines is mixed. There are a lot of you who are COMPLETELY obsessed with this sheer effortless swipe and go kind of vibe. I love it too, but a part of me wishes the pigment were maybe 10% to 15% more intense. I think the undertones and colors are SO beautiful but I wish they showed up better on my lips. Then there are a handful of you who have messaged me that you bought some and returned them because they were so sheer they did not show up on you.

I love what I hauled, although I might have skipped a couple of the shades due to similarities in my selections. I can think of an occasion to wear every shades I picked up. I would say my top three: 209 Pink Desire, 150 Nude Lingerie and 205 Nude Self.

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